Monday: class with Diana or Mentor (10 AM – 12 PM PST, Thursday OR Friday: feedback class w Diana or mentor (10 AM – 12 PM PST), Every Sunday (foundation class): 10-11.30 AM PST.

Once you’re accepted into the program, you will be sent an email that will include payment information.

One-on-one’s are for new members only and will be available for booking after an email is sent out (will take place during the two last weeks of the MOTUS month).

The link for one-on-ones is available on the community forum once payment is received and you are divided into Tiers.

The community forum offers a chat button where you can reach Diana or the MOTUS team for any questions you may have.

The Zoom links will be posted to the forum prior to every class, or you can find them under “Schedule” on the Motus website once you are logged in.

Each tier has 2 classes per week, one with Diana or the mentor of the month, every Saturday with a guest teacher.

You will be able to upload your footage from class to the forum.

We will send you a link after every class and you can download and save the video.

Yes. Please download by the end of every month.

You can always learn from the recordings.

Yes. Film yourself doing the combo and send it to Diana on the forum.

We don’t offer refunds unless a payment is made twice by accident.