Welcome Members


So happy to have you on board! Here are a few things that need to happen before we start this journey together. Please take your time to carefully read through this page so nobody misses a step.

As always, let’s stay committed to our craft, focused on being present, and supportive of all our fellow members at Motus. See you in class!

Communication is key

Please download Whatsapp and turn on notifications. We use this app as a form of communication when necessary outside of the community space on the website. Keep your eye on Whatsapp for any last-minute changes to class schedules and links, or let us know if you’ll miss out on a class.

We try to provide clear information so please take time to carefully read through messages and announcements, and always reply to important emails, please.

Virtual Classes on Zoom

Since so many of our program members are all around the world, we use Zoom to host classes. Please log into the Zoom session 5 minutes prior to class. Your camera should be on at all times.

Recordings of the class will be sent within the hour after class. If you would like to practice straight after class, take it upon yourself to screen record with your phone.

We only have 1.5 hours per session so please be present. Throughout the class, avoid asking questions in the chat. Instead, press the space bar so you can unmute yourself. Feel free to interrupt Diana!

NOTE: Please be aware that the session times are in Pacific Time! Please verify for your own specific timezone.

Virtual One-on-One with Diana

Along with classes, you will also have a virtual one-on-one session with Diana. Those will always be available to book the previous Sunday within the member log-in site at the bottom of the page titled “New Members”, so you can plan accordingly. We will always announce and remind you beforehand so every new member has a chance to book a timeslot.

These virtual sessions are helpful for both you and Diana! Feel free to discuss your goals, what you want to work on to grow, and any other questions you have for Diana. This is your time.

Let's get started!